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material handling

in a distributed environment

Väne Systemkonsult AB

Väne Systemkonsult AB develops and sells

information systems for rational material handling.

Our systems systems are build with a very high

quality and flexibility, which enables they can

be paired with all on the market existing scales .

The systems that are module and web based
simplify and streamlines the logistics of materials

which is to be weighted, identified and reported.

Complete solution

We offer complete solutions

which ensures that all parts

and functions in the flow work together.

Personal service

We have a small organization with

short decision-making processs that

work fast and efficiently, without the

big company´s labyrinths, giving you

cost-effectiveness and personal service.


High competence

Through established contact and deep
knowledge within the industry we can develop

cost effective solutions with very highy quality.


Through continuous contact and collaboration 

with our customers we add new features

and products with high quality that simplifies

and streamlines working methods as well

as ensuring proper documentation.

Our web page in Swedish




2018-04-03- New website launched!

Our new website in Swedish and English is launched!


2018-04-03- Read more about other news»

☞ App for weighing

☞ GDPR adaptation

Paperless receipts

☞ Hosting

☞ Integrations



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